My name is Thomas,



I once started as an 18 year old, unexperienced boy with a big dream!

It has always been my mission, and ambition, to create things that give people a little joy in their life.

As a freelancer, I worked for several event and technical companies. During this time, I learned that my passion was more than only creating light fixtures. I got my satisfaction out of creating unique and high end decors for several exclusive events.

My ambition to grow the world of decoration and mood lighting to a higher level,
made me grow from freelancer to manager of “Let There Be Light”.

Soon after, my creations were picked up by national and international event planners and agencies.
In 2 years time I grew into a fixed value within the high end event environment.

Partnering up with ‘We can dance’, ‘Tomorrowland’ and other national and international contacts gave me the opportunity to fully develop my creativity and create numerous contemporary concepts.

My my field of activity expanded outside of the event industry, I was able to work as a creative designer with a passion for beauty.

Being a creative designer, I started devising total concepts for bars, restaurants, hotels, catering businesses, office spaces and private customers.

Since I was 18, my mission took on more solid roots: With a view to innovation and creativity, I aim to give a personal memory of each project to our customers.

So I would say…

— Never stop dreaming. —