Our Rustic Romance collection features treasures of timeless elegance and splendour, items that dare to be rough around the edges, where beauty is often found in imperfection.

Inspired by the European countryside, fairy tales and days gone by, this collection will charm those with a heart for nostalgia and those who are in love with love.

Rough materials, soft colours.

Much of the beauty of this collection is found in its colours and materials.

Calming colours that remind us of nature and true, living materials such as wood and iron that is allowed to rust, paint that is allowed to chip and crack and repurposed items of days past complete this collection that can stand the test of time.

More than lighting. Much more.

We also offer a beautiful selection of unique furniture and decorative items to complement our lighting pieces.

Maybe you would like your whole interieur, your house, workspace or restaurant perfectly matched with all the right pieces combined in a perfect setting. For this we would love to help you find the right pieces to complete your style.

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