of Lighting.

We specialise in creating unique lighting and decoration pieces for any venue that wants to set itself apart from the crowd.


 РWe deal in atmosphere.-


We make it our mission to deliver a piece of art instead of a single object.

We love to envolve in every project from the beginning so we can match our creations perfectly with the style and desire of each client.

Every project is a different gift we want to bring to our clients.

Rustic Romance

Our Rustic Romance collection features treasures of timeless elegance and splendor,
items that dare to be rough around the edges,
where beauty is often found in imperfections.

Iconic Industrial

Our Iconic Industrial collection is made out of our love for industrial design. Minimalist items with strong lines and defined edges complement pieces that remind us of simpler times.


The Desert Dreams collection is inspired by the beauty of The Middle East and its culture. Splashes of colour, combined with warm earth tones define these extraordinary pieces that will make your heart yearn.

Concrete Jungle

Our Concrete Jungle collection combines strong lines and geometric shapes to make a strong composition, in order to create the perfect eye-catcher for your event.

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